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Black Diamonds

They hang out in glitzy bars, drive luxury cars, compete for the best homes and shop in upmarket stores. South Africa’s black middle class has arrived.

Black DiamondsIMG_1822

Black Diamonds presents a portrait of the new black middle class in South Africa. Multimillionaire Felicia is an entrepreneur, who works and lives in both South Africa and the United States. Young people see her as a role model; she is a black girl from Soweto who has made her dreams come true. Millionaire Richard is assimilated and lives in a predominantly white and fenced-off area. As a result of the government’s affirmative action scheme, he has become a rich and well-respected businessman. Vusi is a real-estate millionaire-to-be, who has worked himself up from rags to riches but still lives in Soweto.

Johannesburg, South Africa | 2010 | 55 min | English spoken

Director: Saskia Vredeveld

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