Saskia Vredeveld’s films and photographs


Saskia Vredeveld, filmmaker

Saskia was born and raised in Cape Town from Dutch descent. Since her teens she lives in The Netherlands where she studied theology, and film & photography at the University of Westminster,   London, and graduated as a director, scriptwriter and producer from the Dutch Film School and the Binger Film Institute, Amsterdam.

She has been working as a film director in the professional field since the 90’s and has worked independently for all the Dutch broadcasters. Peacefield Films is her independent film production company based in Amsterdam and is specialized in creative documentary and art films.

Saskia has made over 20 creative documentaries of which many have been selected for prestigious international film festivals, received prizes, and broadcasted on foreign networks. Her short films are shown at festivals and art galleries. She has also worked as a jury member at the Dutch Film Festival, and the Dutch Film Fund and now and then teaches documentary filmmaking.

Saskia lives and works in Amsterdam.


The Beloved Country
Across the Border
Ela Gandhi
Self Portrait, Roger Ballen
White Poverty
Out of Eden
Letters to Zohra
Swan Lake Slums